Genovo F9.8 BMS



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The power of this outboard Genovo F 9.8 HP, places it among champions. Will exceed your expectations. Mount it on the boat and trying to mastering his power!

Brand Genovo F9.8 BMS
Overall length mm 965
Overall width mm 364
Overall height mm 1036
Transom height mm 381
Weight kg 38
Full throttle operating range r/min 5000-6000
Maximum output KW(CP) 7.2(9.8)@5000r/min
Idling speed(Neutral) r/min 950-1050
Engine type OHC
Cylinders 2
Displacement cm3 209
Bore x Stroke mm 55×44
Ignition system CDI
Control system Tiller control
Starting system manuala
Cooling system Water cooling
Gear positions F-N-R
Gear ratio 2.08(27/13)
Trim and tilt system Manual tilt
Fuel tank capacity L 12L
Maximum fuel consumption L/h 3,4
Engine oil capacity L 0,8
Gear oil capacity cm3 320
Propeller options ** in 3-8.9″ x 8.3 „
* R = Reverse; N = Neutral ; F = Front control
**Propeller choice will vary by boat size and application.




F9.8 BMS


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